PosteRazor 1.9

PosteRazor cuts an image into pieces that can be assembled to a poster
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PosteRazor cuts an image into pieces that can be later printed out and assembled to a poster.
Taking as input a raster image, the PosteRazor cuts the image in pieces and saves it as a multipage PDF document.

PosteRazor 1.5 can be installed and run in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.

The whole process can be done through a 5-step wizard.

First, you have to load the image you want to print. The program will show the image on the left, and on the right will display the image information, like its size (in pixel and centimeters), resolution and color type.

Then, you must choose the format of the output paper, that can be standard or custom. You can define the borders that you would want in your poster.

Next, you will determine how many milimeters will you overlap the images, in order to glue them exactly.

Then, you will be able to define the size of the poster, and the overlay of the poster over the sheets.

Finally, you can save the output in .PDF By default, Acrobat will be launched in order to let you print the multiple sheets. Once you print them, you must glue them together using the overlapping area, and cut out the remaining paper.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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